SCATMAN Tools are customizable for different needs:

  • Work with off-the-shelf smartphones and tablets
  • Offer easy touch-screen based data input with predefined and graphical input values
  • Integrate location coordinates, photos and even video clips to your reports
  • Update data automatically from field to office even in real-time
  • Work also in offline mode when there is no network connection
    • Data synchronization is done later when connection is available again
  • Visualize latest in-field situation on geographical maps in web service

SCATMAN Tool platform includes mobile and server application for:

  • Identifying targets in the field (based on QR-code, NFC-tag or coordinates)
  • Fetching target specific data from back-end databases to field
  • Adding new data and updating old data with mobile device
  • Transferring data from the field automatically to a SCATMAN database via cellular phone network or WLAN
  • Summarizing and visualizing collected data on SCATMAN server for further analysis and decision making.
  • Moving collected data to organization specific systems and tools.

SCATMAN Tools consists of 2 main parts:

SCATMAN Mobile App
SCATMAN Web Service

In-Field Teams
(service men, installation teams, etc.)

  • QR or NFC based identification of target
  • Filling of service and task lists in the field
  • Touch-screen input based on predefined value ranges and selections

SCATMAN Mobile Application

Data from the field:

  • Performed task
  • Problem reporting
  • Spend time
  • Changed parts
  • Other comments and observations
  • etc.

Extended with: pictures, videos, location coordinates

Wireless data transfer even in real-time

Data to the field:

  • User settings
  • Service history
  • Guidelines, instructions
  • Task list
  • etc.

Customer Organization

  • Map-based visualization and analysis of field data
  • Secure server implementation accessible with normal browsers

SCATMAN Web Service

Scatman Data Converter

Interface to other tools and systems