SCATMAN Tools for Environmental Mapping and Surveys

SCATMAN Tools are customizable for different needs:

  • Work with off-the-shelf smartphones and tablets
  • Offer easy touch-screen based data input with predefined and graphical input values
  • Integrate location coordinates, photos and even video clips to survey data
  • Update data automatically from field to command center or office even in real-time
  • Work also in offline mode when there is no network connection
    • Data synchronization is done later when connection is available again
  • Visualize survey data and the latest in-field situation on geographical maps in web service

SCATMAN Tool platform includes mobile and server application for:

  • Adding survey data with mobile device in the field
  • Fetching survey specific data from back-end databases to field
  • Identifying targets in the field (based on QR-code, NFC-tag or coordinates)
  • Transferring survey data from the field automatically to a SCATMAN database via cellular phone network or WLAN
  • Summarizing and visualizing survey data on SCATMAN server for further analysis and decision making

SCATMAN Tools consists of 2 parts: SCATMAN Mobile Application and SCATMAN Web Service

SCATMAN Mobile App
SCATMAN Web Service

In-Field Surveyor or Teams

Touch-screen input based on predefined value ranges and selections

SCATMAN Mobile Application

Survey Data:

  • General information
  • Surveyor or team
  • Survey specific data
  • Like in SCAT: Marine Debris, Zones, Samples, Trenches, etc.

Extended with pictures, videos, coordinates, additional comments and observations

Wireless data transfer even in real-time

Survey Management Data:

  • Organizations & Teams
  • Users & Passwords
  • Survey, form types etc.
  • Preset values
  • Selection lists

Survey Coordinators and Responsible Organizations

Survey data visualization and analysis

SCATMAN Web Service

SCATMAN Data Converter

Interface to other tools and systems

Check the video of SCATMAN tools in action. Click here to watch.