SCATMAN Professional Services

SCATMAN Professional Services include:

  • Training
  • Consultation
  • Customization and integration with other systems/services

All our tools and services are customizable to meet your requirements, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any needs for tailored software solutions in surveys and mapping for environmental/natural issues or characteristics.

Examples of tailored solutions include tools and services for:

  • Environmental monitoring, mappings, surveys and measurements:
    • Biotope, algae blooming follow-up, snow.
    • Pollution, noise, water quality.
  • Oil spill assessments with SCAT method and its variations
  • Species surveys, monitoring, mapping and reports, like:
    • Carnivore populations and observations
    • Endangered species populations and observations
    • Alien and exotic species populations and observations
  • Archaeological mapping and survey
  • Agriculture and forestry related reporting and surveys including:
    • Monitoring animal health and conditions
    • Reporting of plant pests and diseases

Check the video of SCATMAN tools in action. Click here to watch.