SCATMAN Mobile Application for Field Data Input and Management

Mobile application is used by a surveyor equipped with an off-the-shelf tablet or smartphone with integrated camera and GPS. Application supports user-friendly touch screen -based entering of data, which along with pictures and co-ordinates, can be sent via cellular phone network to SCATMAN Web Service for further processing.

Application allows easy entering of needed data, such as surveyor or team member information, date, time, location, photos, video clips and survey specific information. For instance, in a SCAT survey following input fields are used: weather conditions, shore type and load-bearing characteristics, overall oiling, zone definition and surface oiling data, marine debris, natural resources and values, access data, shoreline usage. Users can also input additional observations and recommendations as they deem necessary for their survey.

Time-consuming text input is minimized with predefined input value ranges and selections from graphical presentations. For example, in SCAT survey illustrated wildlife page is used for selecting oiled birds or animals, like seagull, duck, wader, fox, seal or turtle, to a survey data.

A photo mode is supported as well, offering an automatic linking of the taken photos to the survey data and the location co-ordinate.


Technical features

  • Utilizes built-in GPS and camera features of mobile device.
  • Can be used off-line when no data connection is available. Data is synchronized when the device is back online.
  • Reads QR and bar codes, and NFC tags when the device has NFC support.
  • Localizable for different languages.
  • Available for Android, Windows Phone and iOS (Apple) devices.
  • Also HTML5 & JavaScript implementation available.

Check the video of SCATMAN tools in action. Click here to watch.