Privacy policy

SCATMAN Ltd. (”Scatman”) provides its mobile applications and web services for collecting and visualizing data for different purposes. In certain applications and services Scatman may register and collect user data. If personal data is collected this is always informed to the user of the mobile application or to the member of the web service together with a link to this privacy policy. When collecting, saving, using or distributing the personal and other data of the members using the Scatman applications or web service Scatman complies with and follows the Finnish Personal Data Act (1999/523) as well as this Data Privacy Policy, which also serves as a joint file description and information document meant in the Personal Data Act.

1. Register and Contact Information

Scatman keeps a register of the persons registered into the Scatman service in order to maintain the personal and other information, as well as to administer the membership of, each person. (Personal Data Act 8 §, paragraph 1, subparagraph 1)

Contact information: SCATMAN Ltd. e-mail:

2. Sources and Content of Registered Data

The Register may include following information of each user or member registered into the Scatman –service: name, user name, age, city, country, e-mail address and user name.

In addition each user or member may, at its own discretion and through a personal user account, add also other information of itself, including, but not limited to, the information of marital status, gender, hobbies and profession. It is also possible to gather localization information through the Scatman applications or service.

Information of the users/members will be gathered when user/member use mobile application for submitting his/her information in questionnaires or feedback forms, or at the registration into the Scatman service or as additional information that is added by a user/member later on while already registered into the service. All information (excluding the localization information) at the register is given by a user/member itself. Each user/member in the register consents to the collection of the localization information. Further, each user/member is responsible for the information given by it being up to date and correct.

3. Distribution of Data

Information given by a user of the Scatman mobile application may be viewed by other members, unless explicitly stated that a certain data is collected anonymously (for instance, for a certain feedback questionnaire).

Scatman may distribute, also outside the European Union and European Economic Area, any and all information in the register to such third parties, who necessarily need the information in order to be able to offer services to the members in the register in or through the Scatman services. Each member consents to the distribution of data to third parties at the registration.

In addition Scatman may disclose the information in the register to authorities or third parties as may be required by the applicable law or an order of a regulatory body of competent authority.

4. Data Protection

Member register of the Scatman service is an ADP-based register. Only persons, who need to have an access to the register in order to secure the technical flow of the services offered, have an access secured with a personal user name and password. Persons having an access to the register are bound by confidentiality obligations.

5. Rights of the Registrants

Right to check the data

Every user/member has a right to check the personal information collected of it in the register. Check request shall be submitted in written to the following address: SCATMAN Ltd. / Privacy, Isokatu 16 B 11, FI-90100 Oulu, Finland or via e-mail to

Updating the information

Each user/member is responsible that the information given by it in the Scatman application or service is up to date and correct. Each entry of information in also entered automatically into the register. If the user/member notices that the register includes incorrect information, user/member has to immediately correct the information, in which case the true information will also be updated to the register.

Right of prohibition

Each user/member in the register has the right to prohibit the use of its personal data for direct advertising, remote sale or other direct marketing as well as for marketing- and attitude surveys. If the user/member wishes to use the right of prohibition hereunder, it shall submit a notice of prohibition in written to the following address: SCATMAN Ltd. / Privacy, Isokatu 16 B 11, FI-90100 Oulu, Finland or via e-mail to When using the right of prohibition the member accepts the fact that the functionality of the Scatman service may be limited.

6. Cookies

Scatman web services may place Cookies. Each member may block the receiving and use of the Cookies by changing the settings of the browser. In doing that the member however accepts the fact that the functionality of the Scatman service may essentially be limited.

7. Amendments to Data Privacy Policy

Scatman may at its own discretion amend this Data Privacy Policy or any other policy related to the Scatman mobile applications and web services. Unless expressly otherwise informed the Policies and/or other terms from time to time at the webpage shall be valid.

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