SCATMAN Tools for Environmental Mapping and Surveys

  • Faster and more reliable data collection!

  • Minimizes delays in decision making!

  • Saves valuable time and effort!

SCATMAN offers electronic tools for collecting and visualizing data in surveys and mappings of environmental and natural issues.

SCATMAN applies normal touch screen smartphones or tablets for easy and reliable survey data collecting. Survey data from in-field teams is updated automatically and even in real-time to SCATMAN web service where the data is summarized and visualized on geographical maps. Necessary actions can be decided quickly based on this information. Data can also be transferred to other existing  systems including GIS applications.

SCATMAN was originally developed for reporting oil spill situations and planning of oil spill response using SCAT method. However, today the tools are customizable for various application areas including:

  • Environmental mapping and survey
  • Archaeological mapping and survey
  • Underwater mapping and survey
  • Biotope mapping
  • Algae blooming mapping and follow-up

If you are looking for a modern approach for data collecting and visualization, take a closer look at SCATMAN.

Check what is SCAT
See a video how SCATMAN works

Some photos: NOAA Office of Response and Restoration

Available on:

  • Android
  • iOS (iPad, iPhone)
  • Windows Phone
  • Web browser

SCATMAN Tools consists of 2 parts: SCATMAN Mobile Application and SCATMAN Web Service

SCATMAN Mobile App
SCATMAN Web Service

Check the video of SCATMAN tools in action. Click here to watch.