SCATMAN Tools for Field Service, Asset Management and HSEQ

  • Save valuable time and effort!

  • Access more reliable data from the field!

  • Always be aware of the field situation!

SCATMAN offers easy-to-use, faster and more reliable ways to collect and report data with workers and customers on the move. SCATMAN Tools link your in-field operations to headquarter and back-end office tools and databases safely and even in real-time. Your field personnel always have access to up-to-date data with their mobile devices and, vice versa, the management is always aware what’s happening in the field.

With SCATMAN tools your in-field personnel apply mobile device to:

  • Identify targets, like devices, machines and their parts, quickly with QR or NFC tags!
  • Access always up-to-date target data, like service history, in the field!
  • Integrate automatically location coordinates and photos to reports!
  • Report operations from field to office even in real-time!

SCATMAN Tools are applicable to normal off-the-shelf touch screen smartphones or tablets for easy and reliable data access and input in the field. Reports and other data from in-field workers and teams are updated automatically and even in real-time to SCATMAN web service where the data is visualized and summarized on a map presentation. Data can also be transferred to other existing systems and tools used in the company.

Use cases
What is QR/NFC?

Available on:

  • Android
  • iOS (iPad, iPhone)
  • Web browser

SCATMAN Tools consists of 2 parts: SCATMAN Mobile Application and SCATMAN Web Service

SCATMAN Mobile App
SCATMAN Web Service

Check the video SCATMAN tools in action. Click here to watch.