SCATMAN Web Service for Field Task Monitoring and Management

SCATMAN Web Service is a cloud-based web application for persons managing and monitoring field tasks. It provides access to the organization or project specific data collected and reported by the field workers.

In-field operations and their locations are visualized on a map using different colors and symbols. This kind of presentation is able to show quickly the overall situation of a selected geographical area, and helps responsible persons to initiate necessary actions for each target if they are needed. Additional information on specific target on the map can be accessed by clicking its symbol. The content of the target specific data is specified case-by-case, and it can vary from simple listing of performed field tasks and reported data to more complex data analysis. Usually, also different kind of summary reports of the targets are provided.

SCATMAN Web Service is secured with user credentials (organization or project specific) and it can be accessed by most common web browsers with internet connection. Usually, an organization specific administrator is nominated to allocate user credentials and rights inside the user organization. Survey data is saved automatically to a secure SCATMAN Database and it can be exported further to customers┬┤ other systems and tools by using SCATMAN Data Converter.

Technical features for SCATMAN Web Service:

  • Scalable cloud service running on secure server architecture with frequent backup.
  • Optionally, also dedicated server implementation is possible based on customer request.
  • Available both as Microsoft Server 2012 and Linux OS implementation.

SCATMAN Data Converter supports standard or de-facto interface technologies like JSON, XML, WebServices and REST Web API.

Check the video SCATMAN tools in action. Click here to watch.